2015 in review

IMG_7602Another year of California living has come to a close. A lot has happened this year in our personal and professional lives. We had wonderful visits with families and friends. There were two visits to see Erin, Adiya, Wynn, and Lola in Columbus. Those kids (all four of them!) are such a delight and we love ‘em like crazy. Bill and Ashlyn met up with us in San Francisco, then traveled to Yosemite NP and back to Orange with us. We had a great time, including a wonderful day at the beach. Who says you have to wear a swim suit to jump waves in the Pacific Ocean? Erin and Wynn visited and we got explore our neighborhood playground, touch the sea stars in Santa Monica, and go to the beach, of course!

IMG_2571 (2)We did a jaunt to Oregon, partly for a work-related conference and mostly for family and friends. We visited with Aunt Mickey, Shari, Anne Marie, Luna, and Gino. We made our first trip to Bend to visit Paula and Hal. Turns out they were right about how gorgeous and wonderful the Bend area is.

We made a special trip to Ohio and were lucky enough to spend time with lots of long-time friends and family. We stayed with Sue and Ron (and saw Amanda, John, Karen, Kevin, Shelby, Bill, and Ashlyn), Dave, and TK and Mona. We visited with Janet, Dora, Barbara, Bill, Carol, Dave, Julie, Doug, Jim, Gayle, Jan, and Brad. It was a whirlwind trip that reminded us of how much we miss seeing our fun and generous and remarkable friends. We’ve been lucky to form friendships here, too, with the best that the OC has to offer.


We took two trips to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, volunteering with the sweet kitties and dogs and pigs and bunnies and horses and birds, with side trips to Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, and Glen Canyon NRA. We continued on our quest to hit LA and Orange County highlights, from the Getty Museum and the Greek Theatre to and Angles game to Oceanside and San Juan Capistrano.

IMG_2186Our kitty family expanded and contracted during the year. We took in a stray kitty who turned out to be too much for our brood so we found him a loving home with Sarah and Bella. Sadly, we lost our mother cat Olive. We knew her FIV status compromised her health but at least we had several years with her. Thank you, Olive, for spending time with us. Olive’s “kittens,” Romy, Leo, Remy, and Cassie are thriving and to all appurrances, happy.

On the professional side, we embarked on a huge project to create another information literacy assessment. We have a project leader and an advisory board and lots of stress. But that’s okay! It’s going to be very successful!

We are looking forward to the new year with optimism and gratitude for everyone we love and all that we have.IMG_4443