Archie HAS a home

IMG_2626UPDATE! Archie has adopted a family! He has found a family with a little girl who will love and care for him. We are very happy that he has a new home.


Meet Archie. He’s a beautiful and adorable kitty who is looking for a home with a loving family. This is the story of Archie and us.

At the beginning of August this year we brought in a stray cat that had been hanging around our backyard. Because he was so friendly we thought that perhaps he belonged to someone, though he had no collar. We zipped him off to the vet to see if he had an identification chip, but no such luck. The vet gave him the full treatment: vaccinations, flea treatment, parasite treatment, and neutering. He came home healthy and happy and ready for the next phase of his life. He’s around one year old.


We named him Archie. People tell us that they believe he is a Russian Blue because of his coat and color. He is a very affectionate kitty and purrs and purrs when picked up and petted. He loves to rub heads with us and he comes when called.


He lived in our spare bedroom away from our other kitties for the first few days, then we slowly allowed him to interact with our other cats. Well, this is when we realized it might not work out. Our cats are five years old. Archie is a rambunctious youngster who likes the rough-and-tumble approach to cat interaction. This has been especially difficult for our little girl cat, Cassie. She is afraid of Archie so she hides under the bed most of the time. We have to make sure that he stays away from her at meal time. Archie still sleeps in the spare bedroom every night to prevent any cat interaction from disturbing our sleep.



If we could integrate Archie with our other cats we would definitely keep him. But it’s not fair to them, especially Cassie, to have to share their home with him. So we’re looking for a good home for him. We think he would do great in a family with school-aged children. He loves to play and they would have lots of fun with him. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact us.


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